What is this?

Extra and Terrestrial is a small blog created in October 2017 as a platform to share my short stories, practice my writing, and transmit garbles of thought into the black hole and voids of the internet.

What’s the Current News?

👽 My goal (as of now) is the INKTOBER 2017 CHALLENGE. I’m writing 1 short story everyday following the prompt created by Jake Parker. You can see more information on my INKTOBER PAGE.

👽 Occasionally, I will write short stories following the prompts submitted by Writing Prompts on Reddit.

👽 Transmissions are short, everyday garbles of thought that tangle themselves in my messy mind.

Who am I?

I’m a Toronto-based, aspiring author, and current Marketing Management Student. I have 2 hairless cats, 1 dog, and 1 parrot: KitKat, Dobby, Mushu, and Mr. Mangosteen.

Why are you here?

I don’t know. That’s a good question? – Why are you here? If you like my stories please share them. If you don’t like them please tell me why. I’m always looking for constructive criticism- in fact, I hate the majority of the stories I write and frankly I just need some reassurance that I’m okay and should continue. Writing is very difficult and coming up with creative ideas is even harder.

So, please take my blog with a grain of salt.

If you’ve made it this far- thank you for reading and have a stellar day 🙂




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