A Letter to my Impulsive Spending Habits 

Hello Reader,

In my pursuit for perfection, today I wanted to address one of my biggest problems: I love spending money. I have a good job, one that I got recently, and this job pays me a decent amount of money. But, as you can read, this is a huge problem. The more money I earn, the more I spend, the more I spend, the less I have for important things such as school!

I took a year off from my university studies so that I could work and save money. So far, I have enough saved for maybe one year of school. One year!

I think my biggest problem is that I’m incredibly impulsive. I fall for every deal and discount that’s offered to me. I love “trends”. I convince myself that if I don’t buy something, I’ll regret it later. 

So how can I go about fixing this? Well, maybe I’ll start by taking my credit card out of my wallet and stop using it all together. Next, I’ll delete all of my email subscriptions to retail stores. Maybe I’ll focus more at work and take more shifts. I mean, I don’t need to take days off, but I do need more money. 

Sometimes I wonder how people do it, working minimum wage and still being able to afford certain things that I can’t afford. It’s a conspiracy, I tell yeah! 

Well Reader, I’ll update you in a couple of weeks with an update of how I’m doing and working to solve this problem. 

Because as we all know, the richest people are the cheapest people. In order to succeed and do well, putting away a little bit more money each month will ultimately lead to goals and dreams. 

How do you save money? Leave me some tips in the comments below! 

As always, thanks for reading, 




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