How I get 100+ likes on Instagram

Hello Reader!

If you know me, you know that I take my Instagramย extremelyย seriously. Would you say that I’m addicted? Well, I mean, it’s not like I plan each picture before posting it, or religiously stalk myself to make sure that everything flows together, or spend a good couple of hours deleting and rearranging my images with a fine tooth comb…no…that’s not me…

Okay, okay, maybe I am addicted. But who isn’t in this day and age?

If- let’s say you actually sat down one day and analyzed my Instagram history, you would think that I’m this normal person who successfully managed to cross over from “regular person” to Instagram “superstar”. Or maybe you just think I have a lot of friends who like a lot of my stuff. But if we actually look down at the nitty gritty, you would see that I’m a huge cheater. That’s right, while I do get 100+ likes, they aren’t genuine. So if you were hoping that I would tell you how to post quality images and unlock the secret to Instagram success- move along, because instead, I’m here to tell you how toย cheatย at Instagram.

First of all, Instagram is all lies and everyone knows that. My Instagram is a heightened exaggeration of the life I have and want to have. While I do try to post quality images, I find it’s getting harder and harder to reach an audience and gain the popularity that I want to have. This is where friends count. I follow everyone that I know, somewhat know, and met once or twice. If they follow me, I follow them back and I make sure that I like everything that they post (regardless of if I like it or not). That way, I know that when I post something new, the feeling (or in this case the liking) is mutual.

Secondly, hashtags are my best friends. I frequently search for the most popular hashtags and make sure that I tag my pictures with at least 10 of them. If you use the right hashtags, you’ll have a goldmine of likes on your next picture. To top it off, after the constant stream of likes stop I go back, edit my caption and delete them all. The best hashtags to use are as follows:

  • #polishgirl (or #asiangirl, #europeangirl … whatever you are)
  • #lfl , #l4l , #fff , #f4f , #lb , #cb (any form of like back, like for like, comment back, etc.)
  • #instagood , #instalike , #instalove , #insta (these are so cheesy)
  • #love , #travel , #beauty (the more generic, the better)
  • #picoftheday , #potd (photo of the day)
  • #blonde , #brunette , #pixiecut , #shorthair (people love seeing hair)
  • #vsco , #vscocam (any photo editing app)
  • #selfie

Trust me, once you start using any of these hashtags, your likes will increase.

Thirdly, I frequently browse the #lfl and #l4l hashtags on Instagram. Every post that has this hashtag, I like the image. It’s almost common courtesy that if you display this hashtag, people will like your images back.

Lastly, follow any one of the Kardashians on Instagram and turn on their post notifications (yes, even if you hate them). The next time Kylie Jenner posts a picture, comment “lb” (like back) on her Instagram and watch the likes roll in. Of course, if you do this you need to like the pictures of those who liked yours back.

So there you have it- I’m a huge Instagram liar and cheater…and maybe a little bit crazy (and a whole lotta dedicated to keeping up this “popular” Instagram charade). And if you want to follow me on Instagram, you can find meย here.

And if anyone knows the actually secret to getting 100+ Instagram comments, let me know in the comments down below.

Thanks for reading,




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