Wrinkles at 20? Reverse it with Reversa

Hello Reader,

When I was 19, one day, I looked in the mirror and saw deep forehead wrinkles. When I smiled, I had creases around my mouth. My skin was rough. I broke out often. I had terrible blackheads. And my cheeks seemed to have permanent redness. What the F- I thought. I’m 19 years old and I have the face of an old woman.

I immediately ran to my mom’s washroom and scoured her cabinets for any anti-aging products I could find. What I found was a little container labelled Reversa. I remembered going to Shoppers with my mom when she bought this. The makeup artist highly recommended it and convinced my mother that this would be the hottest product on the market…soon.

Well let me tell you…thank the lord that I found Reversa. I have never, never used a skin-care product as great as Reversa is. Which is why I want to share it with you. And before I begin, I just want to give you a little disclaimer. I am not sponsored or paid by Reversa or any other cosmetic company (are you kidding me? this blog has maybe like 2 readers (one of them being me, lol)). But if anyone would like to sponsor me- hello! I am here! Send me your products- especially you Reversa!

Reversa is a Canadian company owned by Dermtek Pharm Inc (a pharmaceutical company so you know it’s good). They run clinical trials on volunteers for all their products and post their findings online. I use their anti-wrinkle cream AKA the product that saved my skin’s life.


In a little 50 mL container and running at $40 Canadian, the anti-wrinkle cream claims to reverse the signs of aging. Its biggest features are that it contains broad spectrum 15 (I especially like this), 8% glycolic acid, and it is paraben-free. The cream is light, white, and absorbs very quickly. When you first use the product it gently tingles. I use it every morning and every night.

Since using this product, I’ve noticed a reduction in my wrinkles. My skin is softer. It’s moisturized. It’s never dry. I look brighter. I NEVER break out (even when I’m on my period). My blackheads have minimized. My skin just looks happier. So would I recommend this product? Absolutely yes.

Before (left 2016) and After (right 2017) of using the cream for a year. 

Trust me, if you’re cheap like I am- make this the only skin care product that you buy. It’s well worth the money and your skin will look fantastic.

What do you think about using anti-aging skin care products in your early 20’s? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,




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