I Know I’m Pretty

Hello Reader,

I was rather scared to make a blog post about this, but I also don’t really care what other people think of me (okay…maybe a little). I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while now and the more I think about it, the more sad I get. Women (or men) never call themselves pretty. Why is this? Is it because it’s seen as vain and narcissistic? Or maybe because women (or men) just don’t find themselves attractive?

Maybe it’s my mother’s fault. She’s always told me that I’m the most attractive, smartest, cookie at school. Maybe I’m insecure. Maybe I really am just narcissistic. Whatever the reason is, I do think I’m pretty; not necessarily beautiful, but more cute and sometimes hot when I want to be. I like my hair and my eyes, I think I have good genetics, and I take care of my appearance. Of course, sometimes I have off days, or maybe someone says something and it makes me re-evaluate everything in my life (like when somebody once said that I look like I have a fat face, but it’s weird because I’m not fat???). I don’t know.

I think it’s rather weird that women don’t like to call themselves pretty. And when somebody else does- they get all giddy and quick to disagree. But the truth of the matter is that every person is aware of their own prettiness factor. While somebody might not say that they think they are attractive, they have no problem posting a selfie and hash tagging it as #feelinggood. Now, I could go on and write something like, “I think everyone is beautiful and everyone should declare it”, but that would miss the point of why I’m writing this in the first place (and aren’t we all tired of the self-love, body-acceptance messages we’re constantly bombarded with now anyways?). What I really want to say is that I actually do not care at all what other people think of me and what they think about themselves. I think that there is nothing wrong with talking about how attractive you think you are or aren’t.

And do you want to know why this subject is controversial? It’s controversial because by stating that I think I’m pretty, I’m inviting negative comments about myself. It’s almost like asking somebody to disagree with me. And while it might not be important, the topic of beauty certainly feels important.

When is the last time you’ve heard somebody call themselves pretty? Let me know in the comments below!

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