10 ways to subtly mess with people

Hello Reader!

Maybe you like pulling pranks? Or maybe you’re just a petty person? Whatever the case may be, there’s nothing like messing with people to see how much you can get away with and when they will start to notice. So if you’re unsure as to what your next prank should be, allow me to give you a list of the 10 best way to subtly mess with people while (hopefully) not getting in trouble.

1. Open your mouth

The next time you’re in the middle of a conversation and somebody is talking, open your mouth slowly and close it at the moment they just start to notice.

“Sorry Bob, did you have something to say?”


“Oh okay…”

Your unfortunate victim will probably spend the remainder of the conversation confused and very, very suspicious of you.

 2. Make your Coworker (or boss) look like an idiot

Anytime you receive an email from a coworker, edit the copy of their message to add misspellings, punctuation and grammar mistakes. If it turns into a long conversation, their original message will end up looking like it was written by a brain-damaged monkey.

3. “Come in!”

This a simple and easy way to subtly mess with somebody. The next time you’re on the toilet, doing your *ahem* business and somebody decides to knock on the door and interrupt your personal time, tell them to come in. If you’re a normal person and you lock the door, the person on the other side will look like an idiot trying to walk into your cubicle.

4. Parking Lot Stalker

The next time you’re bored and alone with nothing to do on a Friday night, head on over to a busy mall and take a walk in the parking lot. See how many cars you can get to stalk you for a parking spot.

5. Non-existent Questions

There’s always that one person freaking out right before a test. If you have a classmate whose guilty of this, walk on over to them and ask them some non-existent questions that will probably (not) be on the test.

“Hey Tom! Do you know what the vein that connects to your big toe and ear is called? or maybe you know who the first reptilian president was?”

6. Turn everything into a conspiracy theory

The next time you’re out on a date with your significant other, grab the salt shaker and ask them if they know what’s *really* in the salt shaker. Build up the suspense before casually replying with the obvious.

“Hey Shannon! Do you want to know what they really put in the chocolate bar you’re eating?”

Shannon will probably lower her chocolate bar, look at it in disgust and question everything she knows.



7. Take a selfie

The next time an annoying tourist ask you to take a picture of them in front of the Eiffel Tower, take a couple selfies of yourself first- I mean, you are the real attraction they came to see, right?

8. Don’t be racist or punny

The next time you’re talking to someone, start a normal sentence with, “not trying to be racist but…” or end a sentence with, “…no pun intended.” Watch in amusement as the person tries to figure out what you said that was racist or where the pun is.

9. Chip Jousting

If you’re at a party with some chips and dip, hang out by the chip bowl and wait for your unsuspecting prey. The next time someone comes up to grab some food, strike up a casual conversation. Just as they start to lift some dip with their chip, swoop in with your chip and scrap the dip off of their chip, all while carrying on the conversation. Keep doing this until they say something and see how far you can go.

10. How much stuff can I hand you before you notice?

Lastly, as with anything on this list, you need to be a social butterfly and strike up a casual conversation with somebody. When they’re in the middle of talking, start handing them random objects. Pens, pillows, cups, you name it. It usually takes people a few minutes to realize what they’re holding.

I’ve you tried any of these I’d love to hear the stories. Or if you have anything else to add to the list, let me know!






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